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The process

How it works

Our process can be broken down into four key stages.

The process

You can of course go it alone when managing your finances, but I’ve seen this lead to more uncertainty, confusion, and take much more time.

Instead, for something as crucial as your financial affairs, why not let an experienced expert guide you along the way? Each stage of my process is designed to support you through the journey from start to finish:
Stage 1

Initial meeting

We’ll discuss your current circumstances as well as your short, medium, and long-term life and financial goals. I’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of where you are now and what you want to achieve, forming the foundation for all subsequent advice.

I’ll explain my various service offerings as appropriate to your needs and explain how the fees work.

It’s important to note that there is no obligation to work with me based on this meeting. This is your chance to ask questions and I encourage you to take time to think our conversations over.

There is no charge either at this stage. I’ll follow up the meeting with a personalised engagement letter setting out the work you are requesting and what fees will be charged if you would like to go ahead.
Stage 2

Action plan

It may take several more meetings to really understand your requirements if your situation is particularly complex, but once we are both confident I have all I need, I will create a detailed report with your plan for achieving your goals and objectives.  

It may be necessary to obtain information on any current pensions, investments or protection products you may have. I do the leg work for you and with your permission, liaise with your existing providers to ensure that all details are taken into account. I’ll send you my report in advance of our next meeting so that you can consider the recommendations in your own time.

I’ll give you plenty of time to consider the plan and to ask any questions – there’s no rush, and no such thing as a silly question. Sitting down face-to-face enables us to chat through the recommendations so that you understand them fully.
Stage 3


This is where we put the plan into action. The plan may have included action points for you, in which case you’ll have a clear explanation of these. All paperwork is prepared in advance so that the implementation of any products and investments can be as seamless as possible. There’ll be a bit of waiting around while I set up your new arrangements but you’ll be kept up to date at every step.
Stage 4

Ongoing review

Progress towards your goals, as well as your goals themselves, are reviewed in regular meetings. How frequent these meetings are is not set in stone; we may meet more regularly at the beginning, then reduce the frequency as time goes on. I strongly advise having an annual review at minimum.

Adjustments to your plan will be made as necessary, depending on any changes in your circumstances and/or goals.

I will also provide you with investment valuations on a regular basis, usually at a frequency you are comfortable with. Ongoing investment management will involve regular updates and continuing investment recommendations.
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Our Fees

When it comes to fees, you need a firm that offers excellent value for money. It’s imperative that you know exactly what to expect when working with me, and what you will get in return. All fees are agreed in advance of any chargeable work commencing. There are no nasty surprises, no hidden commissions.

Our initial meeting is not charged. It’s our opportunity to get to know each other and to understand the type of advice you need. You are under no obligation to work with us if you don't feel we are right for you.

After our initial meeting, you’ill receive a personalised engagement letter which sets out the type of work you are looking for, and how much we will charge for that work. Only once you have agreed to proceed, will any chargeable work commence.

Our chargeable work includes:

  • Analysing your financial situation and understanding your advice requirements
  • Creating a Financial Plan based on extensive whole-of-market research and lifetime cashflow forecasts
  • Putting your plan into action by implementing any products or investments that have been recommended.
  • Monitoring your Financial Plan and managing your investments and pensions.

You can see examples of our fees here in our Terms of Business.

Eugénie Cameron

Eugénie Cameron

Chartered Financial Planner
Founder and Director
About me

What I will do

  • Put your own interests first.  
  • Listen to you in order to understand you, your situation, and your goals
  • Provide honest, expert advice tailored to your needs
  • Keep you up-to-date with relevant, timely information
  • Be there for you when you need me

What I won’t do

  • Prioritise my business interests over your goals
  • Give you the hard sell on anything
  • Treat you other than an equal partner
  • Give you advice that I wouldn’t follow myself

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