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Who I work with

Life in transition

I support people who are building their wealth, approaching retirement and enjoying their later years.

Who I work with

I work with a wide range of clients including business owners, working age professionals, senior executives and people planning or in retirement. I also have vast experience working with trustee and corporate investors, widows, and small business directors.

I generally work with clients who have from £100,000 to £1m to invest; however, I also have expertise in managing personal and trustee assets worth many millions.

People often come to me with a general sense that they need to get a proper handle on their financial affairs but aren’t really sure where to start and would like advice from a trusted expert. Many of my clients are also going through big changes in their life such as retirement, the death of a loved one, divorce, or their spouse going into care.

I understand that these can be incredibly challenging times not just financially but emotionally, so I always look after my clients with professionalism and integrity. Helping people navigate life’s choppier waters, especially when they may feel vulnerable, is a privilege I do not take for granted.

Others come to me with very specific problems to solve, such as consolidating multiple pensions, determining an appropriate investment strategy, managing inheritance tax issues, or simplifying complex financial arrangements.
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Professionals and senior executives

Working professionals and senior executives are typically accumulating wealth but are often very short on time to dedicate to managing that wealth.

I help them with a range of issues, from how to take advantage of tax-efficient investment strategies to working through the details of retirement planning.

Business owners

Business owners are often spinning many plates at once. Much of their time is spent looking after the needs of the business and their employees, often at the expense of their own affairs.

I work with business owners to ensure that both the organisation and their own needs are given the time and consideration that they deserve, helping them with issues such as directors' pensions and formulating an exit strategy.
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People in retirement

Including Later Life Care
As people reach retirement, they’re naturally focused on how much income they can expect from their retirement savings, as well as with issues of inheritance tax, estate planning and gifting to loved ones in a tax-efficient way.

I help clients with all these issues, as well as those who need to arrange later life care, either for themselves or for a spouse. I’m a licensed and experienced expert in this, helping people to understand the care system and explaining the options available to them.

Take a look at what my clients have to say

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Eugénie provided us with a full and comprehensive Financial Planning service for a very reasonable fee. This provided us with the peace of mind that we have put our affairs in order and that our investments are being managed without us needing to worry about them. Eugénie also helped us get our Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney updated with the help of a local solicitor.
Client, Worcestershire
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We were with another financial adviser who we were not 100% happy with. Eugénie gives an honest overview of your finances, then guides you through a maze of options, which can be mind-blowing. We always feel we are in safe and capable hands at every stage of our life and can contact Eugénie at any time if we have a query or concern.
Client, London
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I had several small pensions that were not growing much. Because I'm approaching retirement, I wanted to consolidate them and transfer to something with better growth prospects. Eugénie suggested a new pension plan that matches my attitude to risk, dealt with all the pension transfer administration, and explained the options for accessing the money once I retire. My new pension investments are doing very well and I recovered the payment fee in just four months.
Client, Worcestershire

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